Gauzes and Voiles

Voiles & gauzes have translucent and light filtering properties. Voile drapes can be lit for a transformation effect and can be added in layers or installed with pleats for a fuller effect.

If you are looking for a delicate and classic finish, voile is a great option.

Gobelin sharkstooth gauze, available in cotton or Trevira CS, is a cloth used in conjunction with the right lighting to create spectacular effects. It is also known as scrim and often used in theatre & events to create illusions and effects.
When lit at a tilted angle from the front of a darkened set, the material will appear solid. If the light is introduced from behind the gauze, the rear scene will emerge for the audience to see. Once the light is removed from the front of the gauze, the gauze itself will become almost invisible. A combination of front and back lighting can create spectacular 3-d effects. It can be painted and used for projection purposes.


Composition: 100% Trevira CS
Weight: 45g/m²
Width: 308cm Bale length: 30 or 60ml
Colours: 9, including white, black, grey, cava, red.


Composition: 95% Cotton / 5% Polyester
Weight approx.: 90 g/m²
Width: 1150cm Bale length: 60ml
Colours: white, grey, black other colours available upon request


Composition: Trevira CS
Weight approx.: 100 g/m²
Width: 1097cm Bale length: 58ml
Colours: white, black

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