Tracking, Kabuki, LED Star Cloth


To complement our drape cloths, we have stock rental of “Unitrack” tracking. Designed to hang from truss with C clamps, it is a resistant and adaptable modular track system.

It can be configured with a centre opening or side slide, operated manually with or without rope. We offer our installation services if required.



Kabuki is a versatile effect, it uses solenoid-activated individual hooks that are fixed to a bar or truss. These are spaced as appropriate from which the fabric will fall.

Generally, Kabuki cloths are made from a lightweight fabric like Polyester Trevira, Voile, or Lame. They are usually finished with a keychain type accessory to top for ease of use.


LED Star Cloth

LED star cloths are made from lightweight Molton Trevira, and are equipped with long-lasting, low-maintenance LED lamps. All cloths have the rear made with IFR polyester Trevira fabric, finished with ties on the top and on one side, plus velcro at the sides to allow the cloths to be attached in any direction.

Each cloth has a dimmer and pre-programmed effect sequences can be played directly, or sent via DMX to a lighting desk. They are often rented in combination with the pipe & drape structure.

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